Release: Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

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The pirate you were meant to be.

Blood & Gold: Caribbean, a free-roaming plunderer simulation, now DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

Did blood start flowing after the lust of gold put men’s hearts afire, or was it the other way around? Ah, don’t bother yer noggins with such nonsense, me laddies, for Blood & Gold will always find a way to cross paths, whether on land or at sea.

Especially in the Caribbean, where every man is free to carve his own path and make his own fortune, either as a businessman or a cutthroat (but aren’t those unnervingly similar?). Blood & Gold is a bold reimagining of the open-world strategy/RPG, containing new features and updated gameplay that will make your pirating exploits even more memorable. Put together a fleet to plunder the seven seas, crush these spineless landlubbers on solid ground or rule the islands as a shrewd businessman. Blood & Gold: Caribbean! brings the Native tribes for expanded troop variety, an all new blackjack minigame, the ability to play as a female character, new mission types, destructible fortifications during sieges and many more improvements and additions!

All previous owners of Caribbean! will receive a free copy of Blood & Gold: Caribbean!. The original game will still be accessible to current owners, but saved games will NOT be compatible with the new version.

Fill your rum diaries with hand-made swashbuckling adventures in Blood & Gold: Caribbean, available now, DRM-free on Plunder it with a 10% discount that will last until December 17, 4:59 PM GMT.

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