Weekly Staff Picks: 3D Realms 2D Platformers

Classic Games

Old-school favorites to introduce a new promo format.

Our very first Weekly Staff Picks promo is full of nostalgic DOS-era action-platformers. And because most of our beloved titles of this pedigree happen to reside in the 3D Realms catalog, we call the whole thing 3D Realms 2D Platformers. It comes with a selection of 6 titles you can grab individually at -60%, or pick them up as a whole bundle with a nice -80% discount. The offer lasts until Thursday, January 8, at 10:59AM GMT.

A very important category in our classic catalog is “games we were so excited to play as kids”. Incidentally, many of these games happen to involve platform-hopping, pick-up collecting, and baddie-shooting. The memories! Take Hocus Pocus – one could say that collecting gems has never been as charming. The game’s graphics is nothing if not quirky, the animation is a bit on the stiff side, but that never stopped us from playing it for hours. Similar with Secret Agent – at the first sight it looks laughably simplistic. The gameplay, however, was quite challenging thanks to clever level design. Another one taking some very basic concepts and turning it into something memorably enjoyable is Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure – never a big hit, but anyone who played it was left with a ton of great memories. Crystal Caves? Oh boy! Even more so. Who can even count the time we’ve put into that one? Then, there’s the legend amongst legends: Duke Nukem 1+2. The man taught us the true meaning of badassdom even before he went 3D on us. Finally, Realms of Chaos – an Apogee release from 1995. The youngest, but also the most deep and engaging in our selection. Gloomy fantasy setting, cool mechanics, and brilliant boss battles make it our favorite in the whole lot.

All games are up for grabs (-80% as a bundle, with titles already owned counting towards the higher discount; -60% individually), until Thursday, January 8, at 10:59AM GMT, in our 3D Realms 2D Platformers three-day promo. The Weekly Staff Picks are replacing the Monday and Wednesday Gem Promos, bringing you more discounted games each week and more time to pick your favorites.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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