Weekly Sale: Tycoon Academy, up to -85%

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Make money, not war.

Button up, people, school is in session! If you want to make money and tame the insatiable beast of capitalism, this is where you start: by attending our Tycoon Academy sale, where classes are now up to -85% off. For a complete education, you should also consider purchasing Mad Games Tycoon and Startup Company, which were added to our curriculum today.

Get the fundamentals of your craft down with Capitalism Plus and Capitalism 2 and then continue your training with the Railroad Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon series before moving into the big SimCity. Once there, plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities will arise, like Project Highrise, Cities in Motion, or Theme Hospital. Just keep your eyes open and stick to your strategy.

Tired of the big city life? Retire to the Tropico islands and teach the locals how politics can be turned into a business if you’re smart or ruthless enough. And El Presidente is both.

Tycoon Academy sale sale will last until January 29, 11 PM UTC.

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