Weekly Sale: Disney Completion up to -80%

Classic Games

Five bundles of timeless masterpieces.

Once upon a time, in a digital distribution platform not so far away, a legendary sale began…
It had Jedi and monkeys, dogfights and talking dogs, space cowboys and fedora-clad archeologists.
It ain’t no fairytale, either: the Disney Completion Sale is very much a reality, so gather round and let’s see what it’s all about!

We’ve broken up this impressive catalog into five thematic bundles: Intergalactic heroes can complete the STAR WARS Blaster Bundle for 70% off or grab individual titles like X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and Rogue Squadron 3D for 50% off. Then force-leap towards the STAR WARS Saber Bundle for an 80% completion discount or pick out masterpieces like KOTOR or Jedi Knight Academy for 60% off each.

If pointing and clicking is more your thing, make sure to add some Classic LucasFilm Adventures to your inventory: Sam & Max Hit the Road, LOOM, Monkey Island SE, and more – each is 60% off but get them in a bundle and you’re looking at a whopping 75% off.

For some additional Disney Variety check out TRON 2.0, Armed & Dangerous, Outlaws, and the rest, going for -60% each or -75% all together. Last but not least, don’t forget to reach for the Iconic Movie Platformers who go for -30% each or -50% when bought all together.

The Disney Completion Sale will last until October 9, 10 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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