Release: Sea Dogs

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An Epic Adventure at Sea

Sea Dogs, a mixture of RPG, action, trading, strategy, and seafaring, is available now for Windows, DRM-free exclusively on!

As you soak in the refreshing breeze of a sunset at sea, the galley heaves wave to wave in anticipation of distant gifts beyond the horizon. There are no two ways about it, Sea Dogs is heavily inspired by Sid Meier’s Pirates!, and bears plenty of resemblance to the much more modern Mount & Blade series. Precisely none of that is a bad thing, as it remains one of the best pirate simulations out there. Make an allegiance, or not, and become a true scallywag, a rogue, a rapscallion of the sea! You’ll wander tropical towns scattered across the Caribbean, hire your crew, make a hefty profit off your cargo, and then set sail once more to complete your contracts. Or just pirate away. The world is open, and the choices are yours.

Sail the sun-bathed seas in Sea Dogs, available now DRM-free exclusively on!

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