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You woke up today feeling a sense of adventure? Despite the cold autumn weather outside you want to explore distant lands, solve puzzles and meet intriguing characters? That’s great because this week we prepared for you a whole bunch of unforgettable DRM-free adventure games up to 90% off.

Fossil Echo (-75%) is a platform title perfectly tailored for fans of Oddworld game series and anime films from Studio Ghibli. It has a wonderful, hand-drawn world and an intriguing story, that is revealed to the player without uttering a single word. Join a young nameless boy on a journey up the mysterious tower standing in the middle of the sea.

EARTHLOCK (-80%) is a turn-based role-playing game. Its graphics and musical score will give you the impression of taking part in a story straight of the animated feature film. Alongside Amon, a young desert scavenger, you will set out on an adventure through filled with wonder and excitement world of Umbra.

TRI: Of Friendship and Madness (-75%) is an FPP puzzle game that will make you think hard and scratch your head more than once. With complete three-dimensional freedom of movement and ability to create triangle-shaped platforms on the way, you venture into the world of the Odd Gods. Each puzzle here can be approached from different angles, and always has more than one solution to it.

Little Big Adventure (-70%) is an all-time classic among the adventure games. Published in 1994, it won almost instant acclaim among gamers worldwide. How was it possible? Little Big Adventure has an engaging story, told with a sense of humor that hasn’t aged one bit. Moreover, it enables gamers to explore the world of Twinsun with a level of freedom that was hardly seen at the time of its release and remains praiseworthy …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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