Weekend Sale: Odd’s favorite oddities, up to 75% off

ChristopherOdd and the Paragons of Good Fun!

Time for another guest celebrity appearance, then! For this special Weekend Sale we’ve reached out to one of our good friends from the faraway land of YouTube. Meet Mr. Odd, a gentleman of good taste and streamer extraordinaire, who agreed to pick out his favorite games from our catalog and share them with you, served with some fetching discounts on top.

Anyone looking for a tactical skirmish between giant mechs that really really don’t like each other, need to look no further than BATTLETECH. The game has also been recently updated to offer a faster, smoother experience to those who want it.

Perhaps the fact that this heroic bug is a Hollow Knight explains why the devs got inspired to fill it to the brim with frequent content updates, making it one of the most delightful metroidvanias in recent years.

The Odd Weekend Sale ends July 23th, 10pm UTC.

Oh, and those who prefer to complete their collection with some timeless classics, might want to check out our special Interplay Sale instead.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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