7 new dungeon crawlers on GOG.COM await your discovery

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If you love to explore the deepest tunnels and darkest caves in search of fame and fortune, this is your lucky day. 7 dungeon crawlers, made with passion, arrive on GOG.COM. Let’s see to what darkest corners of the underworld they’ll take us.

Mazes and Monsters

The title of one of the earliest Tom Hanks’ movies mentioned above is no coincidence. From the beginning of tabletop RPGs in the 1970s, setting the action of a story in various dungeons and underground caves was considered almost generic. Why? The claustrophobic atmosphere of dark tunnels helped players to focus on their goal and it enabled the game master to keep the action of the RPG session on a somewhat smaller scale.

Swords and Pixels

In tabletop gaming, as well as in computer RPGs, so-called dungeon crawlers became a vanguard of the whole genre. The first known title of this breed was pedit5 developed for the PLATO system by Rusty Rutherford in 1975. Early dungeon crawlers, like dnd and Moria, were turn-based and had very crude visuals, yet they managed to inspire a whole generation of RPG creators and fans.

After Dungeon Master, a classic title by FTL Games from 1988, dungeon crawlers with a first-person perspective and real-time action became more popular. The game’s spiritual successor was the Eye of the Beholder trilogy from SSI and Westwood Studios with its eye-catching visuals and the rich Forgotten Realms world setting. Westwood then went on to create its own Lands of Lore RPG series with great music from Frank Klepacki.

Other classic dungeon crawlers worth mentioning are the Ishar trilogy from the French studio Silmarils and the Might & Magic series that later gave birth to the hugely popular turn-based strategy series known as Heroes of Might and Magic. Their …read more

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