Weekend Sale: Men under fire, up to 90% off

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Let me see your war face, son.

Playing at war often involves controlling dozens of soldiers, heavy artillery, perhaps some air forces for an extra strategic layer. Other times, all it takes to change the course of a conflict is a strong-willed band of hardened specialists that know how to get the job done. This Weekend Sale celebrates both approaches.

Fast-paced RTS action in blocky battlefields is what 8-Bit Armies is all about. Go solo or team up with friends to build a formidable stronghold before you go out and blow up the environment to pieces.

They don’t look like much but what they lack in fancy clothing and weapons they make up for in gumption, guile and grime. Recruit the most unflinching Battle Brothers and go show that low fantasy open world what you’re made of.

The Weekend Sale ends July 2nd, 10pm UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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