Ron Gilbert interview: The creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion is back in town!

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Ask me about Thimbleweed Park.

As a point & click pioneer, it’s only fitting that Ron Gilbert gets to be the one to bring them back the way we fondly remember them: as pixel-art, story-heavy affairs, riddled with compelling puzzles and humorous interactions. That was the idea behind Thimbleweed Park and that’s what over 15.600 Kickstarter backers helped him create. As Gilbert himself keeps stressing, this is not an adventure game made exactly the way those classics were made, but one that plays like your memories of these games. There are all manners of modern bells and whistles built within its pixely exterior, and its design has also done away with the unnecessary frustrations of the past while preserving their old-school charm.

We recently spotted the legendary Grumpy Gamer standing outside Thimbleweed Park’s city limits, wearing an “Ask Me About Thimbleweed Park” badge – It was hard to resist the urge. For those who want to know more, we’re also having a Twitch stream where Memoriesin8bit and Flaose will [LOOK AT] the game and [USE] their questions on Ron Gilbert. Tune in tomorrow, Friday the 31st, at 8 PM UTC on

In terms of design, is Thimbleweed Park more closely related to Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island?

Ron: A little of both. The character design is highly influenced by Maniac Mansion, and so is the room layout. But the puzzle design and dialogue borrow more from Monkey Island.

So why the SCUMM interface? Why not use one of the “smart cursor” interfaces that have come since?

Ron: That decision goes back to our goal of recapturing the charm of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, and I think the SCUMM verb interface has a lot to do with it. The other big thing is the pixel art. We all love pixel …read more

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