Weekend Promo: The Story Inventory

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Up to 90% off Blackguards 2, Deponia, Blackwell Bundle, Technobabylon, Anna’s Quest, and more!

While researching how The Big Adventure Drought Οf Τhe Εarly 00’s came to its end, scientists recently came across a mysterious puzzle box they dubbed the The Story Inventory. Opening it was no easy task but once someone pointed out that you had to lead the curious Wadjet Eye symbol to the top right corner of the Daedalic maze engraved on the lid, something clicked. This historical unboxing revealed that the games held inside were not just adventure games but did have one thing in common: a thick layer of delicious storytelling. Now it’s finally time to share the contents with the rest of the world in a Weekend Promo that’s not only rich in story but also heavy on discounts!

If you are among Aventuria’s most vile mercenaries, taking up the occasional jailbreak job, engaging into shady politics, and killing for money should be your bread and butter. But Blackguards 2 is also about making your own (im)moral choices as you guide your companions on turn-based battlefields, customize their gear, and even use the environment to your advantage.

It’s 2087 and this brave new world is irreversibly addicted to Trance, a virtual reality world which overshadows the mundane “meatspace” that we know. But when three broken people stumble upon a layered conspiracy that eats on the foundations of this Technobabylon, they will need to confront their demons and tackle challenging puzzles in order to reach the truth or a personal closure.

There are dozens of amazing stories waiting to be unleashed from The Story Inventory, going for up to 90% off. The engraved symbols of storytelling masters Daedalic and Wadjet Eye Games on its lid are the best guarantee of their quality and games like the …read more

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