Weekend Promo: Strategic Milestones

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Strategic Milestones: AI War, Capitalism, Jagged Alliance, Warlords Battlecry and more, up to 70% off!

Put on your thinking cap, slip on your business socks – it’s business time. This weekend we’re leveraging our core competencies with a compelling set of Strategic Milestones pending your review. That’s 39 best-in-class products, at a customer-centric up to -70% discount.

Don’t be a drone, fight the AI War. Outline your strategic plan in this state-of-the-art blend of galactic grand strategy, 4X, and planetary RTS gameplay. Colonize procedurally-generated galaxies of epic scale, and take on a bleeding edge network of artificial intelligence capable of cross-synergizing across entire star systems to take you down. Sick of drinking the corporate Kool-Aid? Make your own with Captialism Plus and Capitalism 2. Co-opete with laser-focus in the Jagged Alliance series, and… well you get the point.

Over 39 titles with a truly strategic soul are up to 70% off in this Strategic Milestones weekend promo, including Warlords Battlecry, Disciples, Anomaly series and so much more. Empower your thinking today! The promo will last until Tuesday, February 10 at 4:59 PM GMT.

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