Thank(k)s for an Awesome Launch


By Sharkster Wow, what a great launch. We really didn’t expect that much positive feedback for an Early Access title (over 700 reviews, 91% positive, in less than two weeks). That’s just awesome and you guys have no idea what this means to us and how motivational it is.

Some of you were expecting more than just one map at launch, but we really want to stick to our roadmap and to our testing procedures. Also, we expected a lot more bug reports and critical issues, but it turned out to be quite a smooth launch with only around 20-30 issues (many of them of minor nature). So, thanks of reporting everything you find. We’re working like crazy now, to iron out the bugs and balancing issues. We hope to have a really solid base version ready with the Curry build, which is going to be released around Feb. 12.

We’ll try to have the next patch (V0.73) ready tomorrow evening. It’ll bring an in-game options menu (so you’ll no longer need to exit a match to change your settings) and many fixes. It’ll also speed up the weapon switch times (as requested by the community) and bring some minor balancing stuff. So stay tuned… and remember to tell us what you think and/or what you would like to see changed on our community forum. …read more



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