Weekend Promo: May Myriad of Games

Classic Games

Waxworks, Downfall, Secret Agent, Chaos Overlords, and many other classics up to 70% off!

Hear ye, hear ye! In case you missed it, spring has arrived and with it comes our May Myriad of Games!! This weekend we are offering a cornucopia of classic titles, ranging from horror in a living wax museum, a cyberpunk dystopia with turn-based gang warfare to a post-apocalyptic point-and-click adventure where Man is a mostly a myth. The temperatures are high (unless you are in rainy Europe) but the prices are low! Let’s take a look at the classics we’ve got lined up for you!

Downfall and The Cat Lady. Usually, when we write about these kind of promos, we mention one game at a time in these blurbs but these two games should be played together, starting with Downfall and then The Cat Lady. In Downfall, you, as Joe Davis, will explore a hotel that isn’t quite what it seems and you’ll encounter many twists and tuns that may warp your psyche just a tad. The Cat Lady, set in the same universe as Downfall, you’ll take on the role of Susan Ashworth as you come to grips with the reality of depression and battle against five Parasites, ruthless psychopaths that wear human forms. If you’re a fan of Remigiusz Michalski’s psychological horror, you can’t pass these stylish adventures by!

Before he was known as the greatest ladies man to grace the Earth, Duke Nukem had his humble beginnings in Duke Nukem 1 +2. With classic side-scrolling platforming action, you’ll go through Duke’s first forays into video gaming fame. Battle against the fantastically evil Dr. Proton, get kidnapped and fight back against zombifying aliens, and see why Duke wrote a book called “Why I’m So Great”.

It wouldn’t be spring without a bit of chaos! If you’re looking for a classic cyberpunk turn-based strategy game, you can’t go wrong with Chaos Overlords. You’ll wage war against rival overlords sending out your gangs against theirs in a tense war of influence over a vulnerable city.

Each game’s a classic in our May Myriad of Games! Grab a wide variety of games for up to 70% off until Tuesday, May 20th 3:59 AM GMT. Spring is in the air!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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