Weekend Promo: DRM-free Valentines

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Up to 80% off The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, Leisure Suit Larry and more!

It’s Valentine’s Day! A time of brief courtly love, candlelight basked dinners, and much-too-expensive bonbonnieres. This weekend’s sale on GOG.com is, thusly, all about the loveliest of what gaming has to offer – the pleasures of cooperation, the tension of partnership, the excitement of adventure. DRM-free Valentines await your warm embrace at up to 80% off.

Love is a bond stronger than any, it’s an invaluable partnership. You will come to understand the strength of family bonds with Giana Sisters, you’ll learn to truly rely on your partners in Trine, or you can test the limits of your friendships with Screencheat. In The Longest Journey you’ll experience the warmth of platonic love between a woman and her beaked companion, or you can embark on a road adventure with your loved one in the Runaway series.

But it doesn’t all have to be this lovey-dovey. Maybe you’d rather search for a raw, physical kind of love in Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded? Or maybe you just don’t buy into any of this crap at all? Maybe it all makes you grit your teeth in frustration, maybe it makes you go Postal? We thought about your needs too, you know. So go ahead, there is that big red button in DEFCON, if that’s what makes you happy. Because we love you.

All this, and more, is the DRM-free Valentines. Unreal Gold, Gray Matter, To The Moon, and Blazblue Calamity Trigger, at up to 80% off, are our love letter to you, dear GOGlings.


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