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Up to 80% off Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale and more…

After years of questing around for the ultimate resurrection spell, we finally managed to bring back Forgotten Realms: The Archives, to once and for all offer 20 Years of D&D on GOG.com. Doesn’t that sound glorious? To celebrate this exciting milestone we’ll be starting the weekend promo early, right here in this tavern. Join us if you like, and complete your personal D&D collection for up to 80% off!

If there’s any place to start your D&D adventure, it’ll have to be with Baldur’s Gate I & II, arguably the most recognisable RPG series in existence – and for good reason. The hand-drawn backdrops are timeless and stunning, the writing will capture your imagination, while the path you take is yours to determine. Few games since then have been able to replicate that particular, breathtaking, and ever present feeling of grandeur that will accompany your every step towards the Baldur’s Gate

On the subject of irreplicable, Planescape Torment is a prime example. Never since or before, have we had the opportunity to play a story-focused game as beautifully written, free and open-ended. 800,000 words of script and dialogue tell a peculiar tale of an even more peculiar place – a world situated on the verge the many planes of existence: a freak-show of the grotesque, of the fascinating, the disturbing, and you. It’s an engaging and contemplative story of the soul, memory, and the essence of what defines your self, one that could never be told in anything but a video game.

Then, there is are the Neverwinter Nights, critically lauded for ushering in Baldur’s Gate-like cRPG into a 3D era. The adventures are thick with story, combat and choices, but thanks to powerful modding tools and a …read more

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