Weekend Promo: Blast from the Past

Classic Games

A true Blast from the Past – not just in being a set of classics, but a set of classics that’s not shy about blasting a big hole here, or there, or in your face. It’s a flat 70% off nearly the entire game catalogs by Rebellion and Merge!

Fire up your crotch-burning laser, set loose your ravenous pet-sharks, and neglect to perform a basic equipment check on your Acme-brand hero shackles. Announce your plan for world domination loudly and succinctly. Become an Evil Genius. Prefer larger scale domination? Want to actually carry out your plans? Make the world your oyster (and then eat it) in Empire Earth. From barbarians to gasoline-powered war machines, this is your one chance to see how many pointy sticks it takes to blast a tank into submission. Finally, if you prefer a more direct approach, there’s the timeless classic (cross-play enabled!) Aliens Versus Predator 2000. Blast your share of holes as a hardened space marine and near-perfect Predator, or tear a new one as a lightning fast, wall-crawling Alien.

All that and 20+ other summertime classics are here at a 70% discount! Check out the weekend’s Blast from the Paston sale until Tuesday, June 30, 3:59 AM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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