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Interlaced memories.

Her Story, a completely innovative FMV detective game from the mastermind behind Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, is available now for Windows and Mac OS X. Get it DRM-free on with a 17% launch discount.!

The year is 1994. A woman is interviewed by the Police, her husband gone missing. Her every word recorded and interlaced via police camera. It is now between you, your dusty mothball computer, and Her Story. The premise is simple – scan the database of seven live-action interviews to make sense of the disappearance, to analyze every word, facial expression, every moment of silence. One keyword at a time.

With a completely fresh take on storytelling, and archaic yet deeply familiar gameplay based on simple keyword searches, Her Story asks a pittance for a memory. Check out the rave reviews, and make sure to grab the game DRM-free, right here on The 17% launch discount will last for one week, until Friday, July 3, at 12:59 PM GMT.

In the press:
“Her Story is so masterful in its simple, personal, and idiosyncratic delivery that even time wasted is filled with charm and intrigue.” — Digital Spy

“As well as being a superb detective game, Her Story might be the best FMV game ever made.” — Rock , Paper, Shotgun

“It’s been days since I finished the game, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Her Story nails the dark, voyeuristic nature of true crime and the curiosity that follows. The worst thing I can say about Her Story is that, eventually, there’s nothing else left to find.” — Polygon

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