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75% off Double Dragon Trilogy, Tex Murphy, Subject 13 and more…

Ah yes, Autumn, an epoch of elegance at this juncture of seasons. Fall’s stuck-up cousin, thinking it’s all better and fancy. Well… maybe there is some merit to it. It’s a refined term, sophisticated even. A seasoned relic from a different time. How appropriate then, that this weekend’s games are the Antiquities of Autumn.

The Double Dragon Trilogy is retro arcade beat-em-up come home. Your home. Return to the days of “Game Over. Add Credit?”, awesome co-op (powered by GOG Galaxy no less), high skill ceilings, and sometimes enemies that are just unreasonably cruel.

Tex Murphy is a series of games with all the retro design you can eat: FMV sequences, pre-rendered backdrops, and live actors aplenty. It’s the story of a P.I. with a knack for trouble. In the words of Tex’s designers themselves: He’s just an average guy… sometimes a little below average. He’s always in the middle of something that’s way over his head, but as he says: ‘Danger’s like jello – there’s always room for more’.

Developed by Paul Cuisset, the man behind titles like “Flashback”, “Future Wars: Adventures in Time” and “Moto Racer”, Subject 13 may be recent release, but it’s all about classic point and click gameplay and brain-twisting puzzles.

Join us in an appreciation for the Antiquities of Autumn, with 75% off 30+ classic, and perhaps underappreciated, titles. The discount will last until November 25, 4:59 AM GMT

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