Weekly Staff Picks: Survivalism 101

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Up to 70% off Gods Will be Watching, Banished, and Miasmata.

Weekly Staff Picks go hard with the best kind of -ism: Survivalism 101, in which you’ll learn to strive to survive against all possible odds. That’s three death-gripping titles from 60-70% off!

Gods Will Be Watching is a survival thriller that forfeits overwhelming visuals for the sake of disturbing, retro-style 2D settings. Make the toughest calls and the necessary sacrifices to save your team. There is no good or evil. Just decisions. And a killer soundtrack bundled with the Special Edition.
Banished is a free-form village sim in a firmly realistic medieval setting. You will lead a small group of refugees, exiled from their home kingdom only with the clothes on their back and a small cart of supplies. Heed our warning: this is not a city-builder you may be expecting. This is a game of survival where death and despair come uninvited.
Miasmata takes the survival genre into first person, and forgets to bring along the mercy. Hunger, thirst, illness, the plague, and terrifying feline-creatures are all out to get you. Do you prefer death by suffocation, or blood loss? We can never decide.

Learn from your mistakes, learn Survivalism 101 – this weeks three Weekly Staff Picks are all the study material you’ll need. The 60-70% off promo will last until Thursday, May 7, 9:59 AM GMT.

Survivalism 101 at Twitch.tv/GOGcom:

Donis of the GOG.com crew is playing Gods Will Be Watching at his customary promo stream time – 8pm GMT / 4pm EDT / 1pm PDT. See him tackle the survival genre!

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