Weekend Promo: Activision Therapy

Classic Games

A classic omni-cure with prices miniature! 66% off Pharaoh, Arcanum, Quest for Glory 1-5, Phantasmagoria, and more!

They say time heals all ills. And if there’s one sure cure for any known ailment, it’s got to be time spent gaming. Whether you got the blues (pet hamster expired), the reds (a coworker ate your tuna sandwich) or the greens (coworker instagrammed himself in the act), spend some time with these classic beauties and everything will go away. Especially time. So join us in Activision Therapy with 66% off the price of admission, and emerge a new person!

Bah, they don’t build cities like they used to anymore. We definitely got a thing or two to learn from the ancient Pharaohs, aside from pulling off that wicked eye-liner look. And that’s how to manage majestic settlements, erect timeless monuments, and maintain a healthy economy based on trading goods.

So you want to be a hero? Perhaps a thief or a mage? The adventure/RPG series that defined and refined the formula of alternative gameplay paths based on your character’s skills, puts you on a Quest for Glory across fairytale lands, where whimsical adventures and magical creatures await.

A cursed love story, spanning centuries of death, despair, and brutal exsanguinations. A party-based action/RPG with intense combat and immersive character development. The bloody quest of a fledgling vampire seeking justifiable Redemption. A true cult classic.

This should be all the prescription you need to begin your Activision Therapy. There are over 30 capsules of great fun inside this Weekend Promo, including Call to Power 2, the Zork series, Spycraft: The Great Game, the King’s Quest saga, and many more! Just remember to sit down with them at least three times a day after each meal. The promo will last until March 8, 4:59 AM GMT.

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