Weekend Promo: A Rebellion of Retroism

Classic Games

A rebellious return of quality classics: Up to 75% off Evil Genius, Empire Earth Gold Edition, Darklands, and more!

Most of the time games go by their daily business peacefully, greeting each other on their way in and out of our hard drives. But leave them unnoticed for too long and these feisty fellas could very well start A Rebellion of Retroism that demands your immediate attention. To be fair, they have some pretty convincing arguments here, as the classics found in Rebellion’s and Retroism’s diverse catalogues are not to be overlooked by anyone. And did you see the discounts featured on the placards they are holding? These are a true riot.

Ruling the planet is not an easy task but you have 500.000 years to perfect your resource gathering and real-time warring techniques in order to establish your very own, stable Empire Earth. Better get started.

Why be a law-abiding, politically correct do-gooder when you can enjoy the flamboyant, colorful life of an Evil Genius? Put your world-domination plans into action, squash the meddling forces of justice that aim to thwart them, and fill your underground lair with maniacal laughter.

Ever dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot? Just jump into the cockpits of the Falcon Collection and wake up inside an experience full of the realistic dangers and thrilling intensity that comes with mastering the craft of air combat.

Get 66% off the entire Rebellion catalogue and 75% off almost every Retroism game. This is a true Rebellion of Retroism, featuring trailblazers like Sid Meier’s Colonisation, Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition, Silent Service 1+2, Darklands, and more. The promo will last until March 29, 4:59 AM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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