Weekend Promo: 3D Realms + Versus Evil + Ghostlight + Highcliffe

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Up to 85% off a great collection of underdogs: Banner Saga 1+2, Armikrog, Guild of Dungeoneering, and more!

You may have heard of them. You may have passed them by on your way to a more recognizable franchise. You may have even contemplated giving them a try for a solid, unconventional experience. Well now it’s your chance to do so in earnest and on the cheap, as the combined catalogs of 3D Realms + Versus Evil + Ghostlight + Highcliffe are full of notable underdogs, going for up to 85% off!

Both human and varl look to you for guidance in this perilous Banner Saga through the snow-covered land. They need your careful resource management, wise decisions, and clever turn-based tactics or this caravan will never make it to the end.

Everything on this bizarre planet is alien, unfriendly, and made of clay. But through some clever puzzle-solving and blind luck, Tommynaut and his dog Beak-Beak might just escape the stop-motion world of Armikrog with all their parts still attached.

Will you be a scoundrel or will you follow the Way of the Samurai 4? It’s an unmistakably exotic tale of honor, betrayal, love, and hard-hitting drama, forged by your decisions and your sword-fighting skills.

Sometimes the real treasures are hidden in unexpected places and that’s where you should go to find what 3D Realms + Versus Evil + Ghostlight + Highcliffe, have to offer. Show these underdogs some love and you won’t regret it: Skyshine’s Bedlam, Guild of Dungeoneering, Bombshell, Elminage Gothic and many more!
The promo will last until August 9, 3:59 AM UTC.

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