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wDetector 2.11


StarCraft in multiplayer opponent’s use of nuclear detection.

Drop, Annoy, Crash nuclear defense.

Drop Drop when someone opened the window and press the button, the button is pressed, who will see the message.
(0 seconds if you’ve been in the right Drop, Drop the nuclear button, and then the player can imagine), players enter the room when / astat command to prevent disconnection due to the 2.

Entirely of players to come and get shows automatically.

Players can receive is being denied.

Players can see the Ping.

Players can see the number of the retransmission request.
(Did not pass the packet is the number of retransmissions required)

Their APM (current / average difference between) you can see.

Unlimited calling to disconnect the player to drop into the Drop button allows you to.
(60 seconds or more, if you drop the window to be floating in a series only)

In the chat channel messages can be filtered.

Replay “date time ID. Rep” will automatically save to.

[How to Run]

1. wLoader run. (Does not matter if the star is on the first)


Keypad 0: Player of the sole, APM, shows a list of nuclear use.

Keypad 1-8: Using nuclear specific (1-8), indicating the player chat to other players.

Keypad 9: to use nuclear weapons for all players to chat to other players is notified.

Keypad. : Player of the IP, Ping, shows the number of retransmission requests.
(3:50 retransmission to emerge as a player three times and 50 times had a retransmission request means.
This is three times the players did not come to the packet retransmission means is 50 times the number requested.
Take the rack, or when you can see who’s responsible.)

wDetector.ini UseFuncKey option in the file when you change to a F9, F11, F12 keys can also be used instead.

[Nuclear Detection Description]

(Xx) is the number that has been detected several times.

– AutoMine (xx)
Automatically when the game starts to go nuclear workers means Carragher minerals.

– AutoBuild (xx)
When the game starts, the worker or production units in the game automatically means that core.

– AutoQueue (xx)
The interceptor is a carrier of River seukaereopyina results are automatically produced by nuclear means.

– MultiCommand (xx)
More than 12 units, or multiple buildings at once by specifying the means to control nuclear weapons.

– Drop (xx)
Lay the other players and send another packet drop will put you to the core. (Pause Drop included)

– Cheat (xx)
The player only to use nuclear generation means that the packet has been detected.

– Packet Deceive (xx)
By sending a malformed packet to make nuclear weapons whether nuclear means senses.

– Rally Change (xx)
The other side of the building to change the rally point of the nuclear mean.

– Annoy (xx)
Network Latency continue reversed letters on the screen is difficult because the core gameplay means.

– Crash (xx)
Use of carrier inteosepteona River seukaereopeul pay StarCraft nuclear means error.

– ID Spoof (xx)
To hide their identity to another identity that does not exist means that the nucleus is shown.

– NoGrouping
Without the use of force can specify the means.
Nucleus, but not detected until the end of the game and never used unless specified units,
Small can be big or uisimhaebol nucleus.

? Note (AutoBuild, AutoQueue, MultiCommand about)

Star space rack unit over a hack at the moment have stopped production or control is often perceived as wrong as the nucleus.

Nucleus has been detected, do not criticize other players and unconditionally

Users must determine the appropriate situation (the number of nuclear detection, etc) used to determine whether the nuclear please.

[Advanced Description]

– 100% solid core users
When the user presses 0 times solid core to the list of emerging players will be labeled 100%.
AutoMine, AutoBuild, Drop, Cheat, Annoy, Crash is detected 100% of the one-shot is displayed,
MultiCommand more than 10 times to 100% will be detected.

– Multi-command detection conditions
NoGrouping a multi-command of the detection conditions are different when the time is not.
Specifies the time units are not used as a multi-command condition is detected, more are more likely to be perceived as weak.
Specifies the use of force Even if you do not use
Even if just once for the NoGrouping troops to eliminate the designation can be avoided if all five senses.

– WDetector 2.00 or more packets among user verification
Drop is a feature implemented in order to defend the core.
Players use wDetector Coconut Grove and the other players gave each other a packet has been received to verify.
But all of this by 100 percent drop in the core may not be able to detect and defend.
Drop of 2 or more core users wDetector users to write to the drop, drop that will be no verification.
The more a room wDetector user is verified because the length.
wDetector packet without verification, if a user views his own will.
How to verify that the packet traffic on the network increases, and
wDetector with other users if the network is in poor condition may occur if the rack.
WDetector.ini VerifyPacket option in the packet verification is turned off and will not validate themselves.

– Whois command checking
whois command will only work with, a formal verification.
Landscape in the users wDetector.ini CheckWhois option off, please use.

– Host nuclear decision
Who’s waiting room when the moderator being banned, or is not a moderator of the room and drop to the player when someone will see the message.
This is not a moderator allowed the player to drop out of the room someone unconditionally does not host nucleus.
In fact, the network communication is not good, or drop, slot closes the player will drop may not come.
The conditions that the court must consider the message that the host should decide whether or not nuclear.
For example, a team player in the room, “I’m a friend,” saying the players allowed the float to drop someone who can be sure.

– APM display the “current (the difference between current and average) APM”
The last 10 seconds of the current APM APM will be calculated,
The average difference between the current and average current as soon as the positive (red), a slow negative (blue) and will be displayed.

– The chat, message filtering
Defaults to the length of the message filtering wDetector.ini is 80.
If the filter is longer than 80 so that the user receives a message, or 0 to direct control feature can be turned off.
Filtering duplicate messages from the message ID, if different, the message is filtered.

– Hangul support non-Windows Windows
Hangul in Windows rather than Windows to use wDetector eseona game started dressing room after the game room
“I’m Korean,” the hit lock is released.
Therefore, “I am Korean” Hangul near a window, though it is not possible, you must type Hangul.

[Edit information]

– Revision 2.11
1. Hangul support non-Windows window (room, “I am Korean”, type)
2. Rally for Change to support modifications nuclear senses

– Revision 2.10
1. Rally for Change to support modifications nuclear senses

– Revision 2.09
1. Infinite time to disconnect and drop the button pressed in 60 seconds to 45 seconds, reducing
2. wDetector when used together with the nuclear disentanglement complement their allies
3. wDetector packet validation fixes
4. Add Change Rally nuclear detection (three times more to detect only)
5. Author unknown trick unsuspecting nucleus to press 9 to modify

– Revision 2.08
1. Keyboard shortcuts for laptop users F9, F11, F12 added (wDetector.ini file UseFuncKey optional)
2. Trojans will come in a pill could recompile
3. wLoader Change Icon

– Revision 2.07
1. I went to drop players that are already afraid of the message modifications

– Revision 2.06
1. ReplayTV is the name of 32 characters or more modifications jalridorok
2. When I saw the replay and replay again and save the modifications being
3. When you view the replay ID is being used to trick out nuclear modifications to
4. Press room keypad 1-9 to modify the list to float
5. wDetector Security Update (packet core delusion added)
6. Check for updates before running wDetector Add-ons

– Revision 2.05
1. As a multi-nuclear Nuclear ohtokyu command detects more than a few times to be classified as a 100% nuclear modification
2. ID Spoof nuclear detection bug fixes (not case-sensitive to the room name)
3. wDetector.ini’s sole option and look at the odds and the level to 0 and 1 reversed modification
4. Overall code optimization

– Revision 2.04
1. The problem of the random game downloads
2. 0 times during the game when you press down the problem
3. Auto-save replays modified to create a separate folder
4. Solely to display the odds and level two options to add wDetector.ini
5. Download map of us know when you see someone who

– Revision 2.03
1. They will use nuclear power to detect
2. Annoy, Pause, Crash’s nuclear modification detection is less
3. Add Multi-Command nuclear detection (yeoreon buildings to produce at the same time)
4. whois command ID Spoof nuclear detection capabilities, and additional players are bouncing gwitmal
5. Add replay auto-save feature, “date time ID. Rep”
6. Odds% to level (0-9) displayed (using the standard distribution)
7. See APM features (current / average) in the current (the difference between the average), change
8. 0 and the room. Adding to the moderator to view the display and Ping (ID displayed next to impossible without modifying the code)
9. Remove Intro Options (wDetector 2.00 or more players do not use the Send messages only)

– Revision 2.02
1. Came from when they’re not moving on a black screen, edit
2. The problem of the game down randomly re

– Revision 2.01
1. Use for maps of the mission briefings and press down on the problem 0
2. The problem of the random game downloads
3. Landscape is down at the connection problem
4. Free, (Fish, Brain, niksyeon) find it entirely from the “Ladder”, “Team” to modify tteudeon
5. wLoader breakage problems in the Windows 7 graphics support (explorer.exe shutdown)
6. Waiting room was not initialized when the number of retransmissions problem
7. Waiting room at a time when the map down 0% More
8. Last time, in seconds, minutes, seconds and come out modifications

– 2.00 Release modifications
1. And 7 running on Vista to modify the error doesn’t
2. Nuclear detector is being used to reduce the length of time a message neutchum
3. wDetector.ini did not apply to the configuration file problem
4. Waiting room when the player can view a list of modifications
5., add a message filtering capability

– 2.00 Test2 revisions
1. When you start your own auto-ME 2, Otto will build a car modified to bulldog ohgamji
2. Nuclear detection is one of only two times of more than bug fixes up
3. ID Spoof ID space in the nucleus keep entirely accept that when you are trying to modify them
4. When you turn the packet verification capabilities to increase the memory usage will continue to modify
5. Remove person viewing APM

– 2.00 Test Revisions
1. modified to enable users to learn each other up wDetector
2. wDetector users to validate each other and drop packets of the other players add anti-
3. Packets are generated only to users cheat nuclear (0x12) detected
4. Host nuclear detection (Who got the room being banned, if the drop)
5. If users have their own nucleus and its allies have fought their own modifications
6. Detector is being used to tteudeon modify the message in the middle of the game
7. Since the keypad acts as a plastered one every five seconds to press the Modify
8. 100% solid core allows users to modify the chat window to send a message
9. Add the latest version check
10. Hangul window to return only limited
11. “Attempt to drop” message, modify, and “says player has left” message delete

– Revision 1.05
1. Modify the file’s record is less whp
2. APM, (current / average) APM modified so as to see
3. ID player to come out to modify the color
4. Add ohtokyu nuclear detection
5. Auto-build, multi-command sense of sophistication
6. Mine does not auto detect, auto-sensing build additional
7. ID Spoof nuclear detection detected the player’s ID when things did come out properly modify

– Revision 1.04
1., when I entered the room, or play the star flipping problem
2. / Astat wDetector.ini to adjust instruction to stop adding to the options
3. Localization of messages
4. “CTRL + Keypad 0” shortcuts “keypad.” Changes in
5. Star Starcraft.exe executable file is installed in the path error messages when modifying tteudorok

– Revision 1.03
1. x64 operating systems
2. Stars found in the registry when installed, the path to find the modification
3. Multi-command has been detected several times in addition to some other nuclear modifications to come
4. Multi-command of the detection time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, increasing the exception (when the game starts)
5. ID Spoof additional nuclear detection (AutoRecord option is turned on only)
6. Unlimited calling to disconnect the Drop button in the player’s modified nulrideon
7. When fully automatic to fully retrieve the message popped up on the screen, so that modifications

– Revision 1.02
1. Sometimes when you enter a room down the is the star problem
2. Add PauseDrop could not detect nuclear detection (prevention)
3. More of the players Ping
4. More number of players Resend Request

– Revision 1.01
1. Annoy, PauseDrop, Crash additional nuclear detection (prevention)
2. Unlimited calling to disconnect the player can press the button to Drop Functionality
3. When you start the game at the moment raekgeolryeo afraid of control as an exception to the processing MultiCommand

– 1.00
1. December 2009, the program modified for public

– 0.00
1. Dec. 2008, the program created


Alone, except for public old’s switch to raise a few features.

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