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Wednesday, 2pm EST / 11 am PST / 7pm GMT, join our GOG Classics – Giants: Citizen Kabuto stream with Outstar!

Before we talk about today’s show and community streams there’s quite a big piece of news we’d like to share with you. Another of our friends decided to drop by Many will recognize him from his work on YouTube. A gamer, entertainer, philanthropist, and scholar, the man behind the red beard: Jesse Cox! On Saturday, December 6, he’s going to stream for you either the awesome sonic-speed retro-platformer Freedom Planet, or the beautiful tactical jRPG Agarest: Generations of War, and it’s up to you which one he’ll be taking on. Place your votes at this Straw Poll page (the poll closes this Friday).

Now, give a warm welcome to Outstar, a former member of The Witcher 3 dev team, digital artist, and flat-faced cat lover. Today, in our GOG Classics show, she begins her series of let’s plays showing you around the fascinating world of Giants: Citizen Kabuto. The stream begins today, 2pm EST / 11 am PST / 7pm GMT at the usual place: Not exactly Twitch-savvy? No problem! You’ll be able to see the whole thing right here (and if you’re not sure when the stream starts, there’s a handy countdown at the bottom of the very same page). Don’t forget to follow our channel on Twitch, as there’s many more increasingly exciting things on the way!

We want YOU for Community streams!

For over two months now, on, we’re bringing you gaming live streams of GOG-catalog games. Hosts such as Quill18, TotalBiscuit, Rurikhan, and BaerTaffy show you around some of our new releases or take you back to reminisce upon some of the beloved classics. We’ve amassed enough entertaining content that it would take you a day and a half of non-stop watching to see it all, and we’re quickly approaching the 10 000 follower mark. At that point we can say it out loud: we love Twitch, we enjoy live gameplays, and we’re looking forward to having even more streaming fun – together!

We want our channel – just like itself – to be a very special place on the map of gaming Internet. A place to share your passion for games with others, no matter if you’re a YouTube celebrity with a bazillion subscribers, or someone taking their first steps in streaming games to public. We’re all gamers, and each of us has something unique to show or tell the world!

We’ve already invited a few of our community members to join in on the fun, now we extend this invitation to every gamer on! If you feel that streaming games to GOG audience might be your thing, just drop a note in the comments below this post with a link to an example of your work on YouTube or Twitch and the title you’d like to play on our channel. We’ll do our best to give everyone so inclined a chance to shine!

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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