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Get Deadlight for free • 100+ mystery games up to -93% • Weekly Megasale with unmissable offers

Piñata Madness is back – meaning excitement, mystery, and exceptional deals on some of our favorite hand-picked titles. Plus, for just 48 hours, grab a free copy of Deadlight: Director’s Cut on the front page – until August 16, 1PM UTC!

What is Piñata Madness?
For $3, you can buy and smash your own digital Piñata, each holding one of 100+ mystery games worth anywhere from $5.99 all the way up to $44.99.
Visit your Pinata hub, where can buy, open, and see everything Piñata Madness!
Just like real-life Piñatas, they’ll bring you joy, surprise, and reward. Unlike real-life Piñatas, ours drop really good games instead of candy – games like Pillars of Eternity, Shadow Warrior 2, Heroes of Might and Magic, Victor Vran, Saints Row 4 and more!
It’s a great way to broaden your horizons and try out games you otherwise wouldn’t, knowing you’re always getting a deal that’s worth it. And if you already own every game included in our Piñatas, each game you drop will be a giftable code so you share the joy with your friends.

Weekly Megasale
If you’d rather know exactly you’re getting, check out the Weekly Megasale featuring great deals up to -90% on some of our favorite titles including Darkest Dungeon, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Heroes of Might and Magic III, and more!

The Piñata Madness and Weekly Megasale last until August 21, 2017, 9:59 PM UTC.

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