The GOG Games begin: Ready, Set, Click!

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Pick a team, watch the stream, win FREE games!

Grab a seat, everyone, The GOG Games are about to begin and you wouldn’t want to miss the highlights. Containing very little snow but plenty of show, The GOG Games last between February 12-24 and are celebrating the competitive aspect of several games on the catalog!

Tune in on, which is going to act as the hub throughout the whole event, and warm up by following the training sessions starting today at 7 PM with Spellforce 3. Our Stream Team and several partners and friends (including some preeeetty big names) will be on the pitch and watching them clash should help you decide which team to support. That’s right, our streamers will be split in 4 teams, each representing a fictional country (Arstotzka, Morrowind, Nilfgaard, and Planeptune). Check the info in the page for the full list of competitors.

For the next 12 days, there will be training sessions and competitions in celebrated games, all of which you can watch on Fame, glory, and precious medals are on the line and you can pledge your allegiance to the nation of your choice using our widget below.
The more medals your favorite nation wins, the more FREE games will be raffled for their loyal supporters at the end of the event!

Here are the games participating in The GOG Games:

· Unreal Tournament 2004 (grand finale on February 24th!)
· Spellforce 3
· Heroes of Might and Magic 3
· Project Zomboid
· Worms W.M.D.
· Ashes of Singularity: Escalation
· Epic Pinball
· The Witcher 2
· Cuphead
· GOGlinaire (“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” but with GOG games trivia)
· Dungeons & Dragons Pen and Paper – The Deadly Edition

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