The curious case of the Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe edition

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One great game, two quite different editions.

Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack, the classic WWII tactical shooter that just arrived on, contains the original game plus its expansion – all carefully tweaked and tested to work on modern systems. However, there’s another version of that game known as Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe and we’ve also included that as a free bonus goodie with the original!

This Deluxe edition was released for free as a commercial promotion for the game’s sequel back in 2003, the year that Hidden & Dangerous 2 first came out. Despite having essentially the same content, the original and the Deluxe edition are quite different from each other, and deciding on which one is the “best” comes down mostly to a matter of preference. Some users appreciated the higher resolution textures and map editor available in Deluxe. Others criticized the questionable changes made in certain maps and the noticeable repetition in your squad mates’ faces.

Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe is still available as freeware in certain places but now also included as a free bonus with the Action Pack. More importantly, though, the original Hidden & Dangerous is now available as a digital download for the first time, so if you’re looking to experience the game in its most faithful and functional reincarnation yet, this is the time to strike!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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