The Crimson Curse is unleashed!

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Crimson Curse – GWENT’s first expansion, is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! With this update, we’ve added over 100 new cards and 5 new leaders to the game, as well as introduced some balance tweaks to the Base Set cards!

Full list of changes:

– The card shader has been reworked and has different lighting behavior during gameplay. Card art should now be more vivid.
– The “shimmer” effect for disabled premium cards has been replaced with a glittering border effect.

New Features

– New Monsters Leader: Dettlaff van der Eretein
– New Nilfgaard Leader: Anna Henrietta
– New Northern Realms Leader: Queen Calanthe
– New Scoia’tael Leader: Dana Méadbh
– New Skellige Leader: Svalblod
– New page in the Reward Book for new Leader Trees
– 101 new cards from the Crimson Curse expansion
– Card abilities that trigger from damage and boost effects will not be triggered by abilities that “set” a unit’s power.
– Visual changes to card status icons.
– Visual changes to icons for Order and Charge abilities.
– Letting your turn timer expire 4 times during a single game will cause you to auto-forfeit.
– 57 new Contracts – subdivided as follows:
– 44 General (for new CC keywords)
– 11 Mastery (for CC Leaders)
– 2 Arena (for CC cards)
– Added audio feedback for applying and removing card statuses.
– Cardbacks can now be rotated in the cardback selection screen.
– Ambient sounds for game boards can now be heard in the game board selection screen.
– In the Shop, press and hold the shoulder buttons on gamepads in order to add and subtract from the total keg amount you would like to purchase with Ore.
– The Lock status no longer removes other card statuses and no longer remains on cards after entering the graveyard.
– Cards with the Doomed status are now Banished when they leave the board rather than after …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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