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Everything Interplay 60% off | Price change incoming.

Ever had a really really cool staycation? You know, one where you get some time off just so that you can lock yourself in and chill by your favorite screen, armed with mountains of unwholesome snacks, several gallons of energizing beverages and the all-powerful A/C remote by your side? Well the Interplay Staycation is shaping up to be a pretty epic one!
These golden classics will soon have their prices increased so don’t dally: grab them now for 60% off and prepare for a glorious house-sitting session.

You want to start with something that has oodles of atmosphere, intriguing story, and enough combat bits to keep you on your toes: Stonekeep, Lionheart or Lost Eden are all good warm-up choices. Now take the action up a notch with Earthworm Jim‘s wacky platforming, MDK‘s chaotic antics, Shogo‘s intense gunplay, or Freespace 2‘s magnificent explosions. Time to top if off with class: Treat yourself to the diverse and ridiculously entertaining Sacrifice and Giants: Citizen Kabuto, two unique gaming experiences that are enough to make this staycation totally worth it!

These are just some of the neat Interplay treasures on offer, though. There’s also Toonstruck, Prehistorik 1+2, Redneck Rampage, plenty of Star Trek and more to choose from!

The special Interplay Staycation Sale will last until July 31, 3 PM UTC.

The price change on the Interplay catalog will be applied after the sale is concluded.

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