Review Roundup – A Hat in Time

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Top hat!

Heads up! Did this hatorable 3D action/platformer perhaps fly over your head when it came out a couple of weeks ago? Don’t worry – there’s plenty of time (and Time Pieces) to rectify that!
All you need is to get into the right headspace, like these here reviewers who fell in love with it at a drop of a hat:

When it’s firing on all cylinders, a feat it pulls off with increasing regularity as you progress through the worlds, it’s a rival to some of Nintendo and Double-Fine’s greatest bits of design, even if it does feel a bit like a really good cover band’s imitation. The level design is constantly inventive, the characters are charming and memorable (if very silly), and the basic act of running, jumping, climbing, and collecting colorful baubles never gets old.” — 86/100 PC Gamer

The artwork introducing each stage is fantastic, and there’s so much character in nearly every pore of Hat in Time, from the splash screens to the little micro-objectives. Seeing the girl in a tiny raincoat in a random level because it’s gloomy is fantastic, as are the collectibles themselves (one of which is a series of vault codes that are flying about in the wind). Grant Kirkhope’s tunes, which sound like a mix of Banjo and Mario Galaxy, will help get you in the mood to explore.” — 8.5/10 Destructoid

A Hat in Time, oddly, is a game that grows more enjoyable as the levels progress. This isn’t just because of the excitement of discovering new hats and badges, but also because the levels themselves increase in creativity, size, and rewarding challenge. A Hat in Time is almost never exactly linear, but it’s definitely at its best when it gives Hat Girl a clear goal, allowing both the …read more

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