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Removing the criminal element.

Freedom Force Pack, that contains two strategy/RPGs bursting with uncontainable super-powers, is now available DRM-free on with a 66% launch discount. Buying each game individually grants you a 50% discount, instead.

Oh, the alien scum really did it this time. They’ve bathed Earth’s scum in a powerful catalyst known only as Energy X and now a whole legion of super-powered troublemakers is wreaking havoc across our fair planet. There is only one logical course of action in order to contain the situation: gather a Freedom Force of similarly powered heroes and set out to kick the criminals’ spandex-ed behinds.

You will have the option to either create your own superhero or choose one of the available ones before you join Freedom Force in their globetrotting effort to bring justice upon the beefed-up evil-doers. Most of the spectacular butt-kicking will take place in the colourful streets of Patriot City but the heroes will eventually have to unleash their unique powers in other dimensions and time periods. Especially when someone disturbs the space-time continuum, leading to the historically inaccurate victory of the Axis forces during World War II. But don’t go fixing those history books just yet, unless it is to include a chapter chronicling the epic campaign known as Freedom Force vs The Third Reich.

Pick your comic book-inspired superhero and smack some sense into those overpowered villains with the Freedom Force Pack, DRM-free on The 66% bundle discount and the 50% individual discounts will last until April 5, 12:59 PM GMT.

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