Release: Wings! Classic

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Double the wings, double the Flying Aces!

Wings! Classic, a 1990 title combining arcade and simulation gameplay in the setting of WWI avionic combat, is available for $5.99 on You can also get it 33% off if you buy (or already own) its fantastic remake – Wings! Remastered.

In Wings! Classic, you’ll relive the action, glory and seat-of-the-pants daring of a WWI Allied or German fighter pilot. Wings! Classic includes a wide variety of missions, from strafing enemy convoys to bombing aerodromes. You’ll also go head-to-head against opposing fliers in first-person dogfights. Wings! Classic combines arcade-style action (the strafing missions take place in an isometric 3D perspective) with a first-person flight sim. Between missions, cinema scenes tell the story of the war as it progresses. Wings! Classic is easy to pick up and pilot, and challenges you with over 100 increasingly difficult missions. You can fight through the entire Great War and build your pilot from a rookie to an ace.

Immerse yourself in the classic Amiga version perfectly emulated via Cinemaware’s own RockLobster with Wings! Classic, for only $5.99 (or $3.99 if you own Wings! Remastered) on!

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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