Release: Vertical Drop Heroes HD

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Because dropping horizontally isn’t heroic enough!

Have you ever tried swinging a sword? The thing tends to be heavy as hell and not as easy to operate as you would imagine looking at all those fantasy movie heroes. Delivering a successful strike can prove to be a real challenge–even if your opponent is only a straw training dummy. Now, try hitting a real opponent. A real opponent that will probably hit back. One that will mostly try to hit you first. Or bite you, with his jaw full of rotting, poisonous, yellow fangs while you stare into his empty red beady eyes. Try doing that wearing a heavy plate armor. In the dark… while jumping platforms. Nah, you’re better off doing that exclusively in a computer game, just like this one.

Vertical Drop Heroes HD delivers fun and rewarding action gameplay with RPG elements as it puts you through procedurally-generated worlds full of platforms to jump, treasure to loot, traps to avoid, and monsters to kill. Slash, bash, and dash your way to victory, wealth, and experience points that will allow for further development of your character’s skills and stats. The HD edition of the game comes complete with some exclusive content that will aid you along the way: a special GOG-shrine that bestows a damage bonus upon your character, and an original armor set. There’s also one additional pesky mini-boss, but we’ll leave it up to you to discover that menace. With great replayability value, lots of humor and challenge, and an optional multi-player (Windows-only at the time), this exceptional little gem crafted by a single passionate indie dev, Nerdook, is something we feel you’ll enjoy immensely.

Set out on your many, many random fantasy quests in Vertical Drop Heroes HD, for only $4.49 on The 10% release discount offer lasts until Tuesday, May 27, at 9:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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