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Quantum entanglement shooty action engage!

We all exist in a universe that we understand only to a small extent. Philosophers, scholars, and finally scientist devote their lives to uncovering the inner workings of reality, but what we know is just a small fraction of the big picture, and what we understand is just a small portion of what we know. Physicists theorize the existence of different reality planes, parallel to our own. They also manage to catch a glimpse sometimes of incredible quantum mechanics that govern the way the universe works. In theory the same bit of matter cannot occupy two places at the same time, right? But may it shift across dimensions instantly? What about energy? What about consciousness? Can realities overlap one another? In this game–yes, they can. In our world? We’re yet to find out.

Fractured Soul puts you in control of the entity–one soul stretched across two dimensions, each of them quite similar, but not the same. Double the information input, double the effort to process it, double the fun from overcoming the challenges. Your character is able to shift between two worlds in an instant, but it’s up to you to take in what’s happening in both of them at any given time, to make sure your use of that ability leads to optimal results. Hardcore bonus challenge levels are unlocked through 5 star performances in the main game. You can also take on the challenge of Fractured Soul with a friend, in local co-op mode. The game comes bundled with a full soundtrack, both in MP3 and FLAC format.

Give your brain an excercise in multi-tasking with the devious arcade mindgame that is Fractured Soul, for only $3.99 on The 60% off Gem Promo discount offer lasts until Thursday, May 22, at 9:59AM GMT.

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