Release: Vangers

Classic Games

Race through the odd odds.

Vangers, a classic quirky original mash-up of a racing game, an RPG, and a shooter, giving you freedom to explore a vast sandbox of a strange and surprising gameworld, is available on, for only $5.99.

Vangers is a mixture of various, yet consistent gameplay components. The player enters the strange world of the future, emerged as a result of the clash between humankind and another intelligent race of creatures, and now living according to its own rules. The world challenges for the quest. With a big sandbox of a world to explore and shape, multiple endings and open gameplay, and over 70 mods to customize one of the 30 available “cars”, this little-known classic will keep you entertained for hours!

Embrace the wheel of your vehicle and the disturbing strangeness of the late-1990s artistic vision in Vangers, for only $5.99 on

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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