Release: The Last Federation Collection + The Lost Technologies

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Your space federation.

The Last Federation Collection & The Lost Technologies, a turn-based Sci-Fi space epic, is available now, DRM-free on with 50% off the collection, and 10% off The Lost Technologies DLC.

From the creators of AI War: Fleet Command comes the turn-based, tactical space simulator. A great genocide has swept through the universe, entire world and races have been wiped away at the whims of power-hungry rulers and frustrated subjects. Your people are all but gone as well, and peace has been restored… for now.
In The Last Federation, your mission is to form a brave new world, a new system, the last space federation. You’ll traverse the outer reaches of space on a quest of diplomacy, resources, trading, and a turn-based combat – sometimes, a few may have to die for the good of many.
If you’ve played AI War: Fleet Command, you’ll know to expect a degree of difficulty and complexity that require a bit more than simple pick up and play, nonetheless enough effort has gone into the difficulty curve for newcomers, and as always – incredible rewards wait for those who earn them.

The Lost Technologies premieres today as well. It’s an expansion that features (not surprisingly) new and incredibly unique technology for all the in-game races, interesting “side effects” to existing tech mechanics, new content to explore and an all-new Tech Race game mode: a cutthroat race for technological superiority.

The Last Federation Collection features the base game, as well as the Betrayed Hope & The Lost Technologies DLC all at 50% off!

Rebuild The Last Federation and recover The Lost Technologies, now DRM-free on The launch discounts will last for one week, until November 18, 1:59 PM GMT.

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