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Subterrain, the top-down sci-fi horror/survival set in an underground Martian city, is now available DRM-free on, with a 33% launch discount.

What do you mean they cut the power? How could they cut the power, man, they are bloody mutants!
And yet the power is out. In fact this whole underground, damp, god-forsaken colony is out. But Dr. West is not out. He is actually pretty deep in a giant heap of trouble, as the lone survivor of this mysterious, terrifying calamity that befell the whole settlement. Out is where he wish he was.

You’ll need to make the most out of whatever you can salvage, then craft some half-decent gear, research new items, and tread carefully in the dark corridors of this Martian colony. Constantly evolving mutants are roaming the hallways ahead and your flashlight beam may not manage to reveal their ugly faces quickly enough. You must be prepared to blast or slash them to pieces and then lick your wounds in safety. This is a persistent, randomly-generated world that does not care for your survival. As the infection starts slowly creeping up on you, escape is the only option, if you don’t want to succumb to it.

Use your aim, your resourcefulness, and your courage to escape the mutant-infested corridors of Subterrain, DRM-free on The 33% launch discount will last until April 13, 1:59 PM UTC.

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