Release: Star Wolves 2

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A pack in spaceship’s clothing.

Star Wolves 2, an RTS/RPG about humanity’s deep space exploits, is now DRM-free on

It’s the year 2232. In a galaxy far far away, the human interstellar Empire is still licking its wounds after a fierce civil war with the oppressive mega corporations. With them out of the milky way, it turns its attention towards the looming, persistent Alien threat. Small, agile squads are best suited for the ensuing skirmishes, so your trusty pack of Star Wolves must ride once again.

Your fighters may be small but there is a vast galaxy to explore out there. Bring your imposing mothership and your nimble armada into over 50 star systems and tackle dynamic, perilous missions against space pirates, Aliens and rogue A.I.s. Customize your crew and ships by upgrading their skills and gear as you see fit. The non-linear story will take you on a journey through the treacherous, ever-stretching space highways, where the only ones who survive are those hunting in packs.

Fight the Aliens tooth and claw alongside your fellow Star Wolves 2, available now, DRM-free on

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