Release: Lords of Xulima – Deluxe Edition

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Plays tough, but deep. Looking for commitment.

Lords of Xulima – Deluxe Edition will gladly scratch your old school RPG itch, with a weeklong -30% launch discount, DRM-free right here on!

If we had to say one thing about Lords of Xulima – Deluxe Edition, is that it’s huge – over 100 gameplay hours huge. This is no sequel, remake, or reboot either – Lords of Xulima is a completely original fantasy RPG which mixes isometric exploration with first-person turn based combat for all the good old school gameplay you know and love. Lords of Xulima – Deluxe Edition is the most complete package – it includes two pieces of extra content: Talisman of Goldot DLC and the Special Digital Rewards package. The DLC includes three artifacts of epic giving power to help you on your journey, while the digital rewards are a package of impressive bonus content including an Original Soundtrack, a detailed Bestiary & Mythology of Xulima, Map of Xulima, and more!

Make your commitment to Lords of Xulima – Deluxe Edition, or pick up the standard edition and grab the edition upgrade later on, all with a -30% launch discount, DRM-free on! The special promo will last for one week, until Thursday, January 22 at 11:00 AM GMT

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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