Release: Smugglers V: Invasion

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And the universe expands even further…

Smugglers V: Invasion, a direct sequel to the turn-based Sci-fi epic Smugglers V that expands the already huge galaxy of possibilities of the original game, is available for only $9.99. If you already own Smugglers V you can get a 10% off discount on the purchase for the first week.

The storyline of Smugglers V: Invasion kicks off right where the original game has ended. The galaxy, looking forward to a time of peace, is suddenly faced with an alien invasion of the cunning and merciless Jalkath race. As a spacecraft captain, going about his business in times of turmoil, you will have to decide where you stand when the going gets tough for the Federation. Will you trade and smuggle to make your fortune, playing both sides against each other for your own profit? Will you fight to save your race or see it perish right before your eyes? The immense universe of Smugglers V grows even bigger, as you are free to explore six new alien star systems, use new carriers, ranging from fighters to capital ships, and even play as the tiger-like aggressors–the Jalkath.

Trade, plunder, and shoot your way to glory (or even you own galactic empire!) in the turn-based space epic Smugglers V: Invasion–DRM-free, for as little as $8.99 if you own the original game, on! The discount offer lasts until Thursday, October 23, at 9:59AM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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