Release: Shadow Warrior 2

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Double the katana, double the attitude.

Shadow Warrior 2, the bombastic sequel to the notoriously cheeky FPS, is now available, DRM-free on, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and multiplayer, plus cross-play across all PC platforms.

He will slice, he will dice, he’ll make the demons pay the price. Lo Wang is once again caught in the middle of a cataclysmic fight that involves dark magic, dark science, and a whole bunch of misshapen monstrosities. But the talented death-dealer is now packing an expanded selection of murder weapons, including his katana, daggers, and hand claws, alongside some nasty magic powers and dependable firearms. The 4-player co-op, the procedural environments, and the brutal damage system will make using these new toys all the more rewarding and Wang’s trash-talking all the more justified.

NOTE: Shadow Warrior 2 supports cross-play for public multiplayer matches, allowing GOG Galaxy players to team-up with friends from Steam against the ugly minions of darkness.

Carve up some nasty demons with your edgy swag in Shadow Warrior 2, DRM-free on Want to add some more style to your mayhem? The Deluxe Edition comes with the soundtrack, the artbook, and the Solid Gold Pack.

In the press:

“Holy shit, I need some more of that!” – USgamer
“Shadow Warrior 2 is an energetic shoot ‘n’ loot with great melee and ranged combat, co-op, and a pile of dirty jokes.”
8.6/10 – IGN

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