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Satellite Reign an open world, modern spiritual successor to Syndicate, is available now, DRM-free on with full support for GOG Galaxy achievements and leaderboards! Blow past the corporate ladder at 20% off for the first week.

If you asked half the crew at what their favorite game of all time is, a good chunk of us would say Syndicate. While the dirty cyberpunk settings and hard-as-nails gameplay did give us years and years of classic gaming to come back to, Satellite Reign may just be the breath of fresh, corporate espionage air that we’ve been waiting for.
Satellite Reign, from the very days of its conception, was a modern Syndicate in everything but the name. A gritty cyberpunk world ruled by malicious megacorps, and a squad of professionals prepared to take down the system. You’ll get to roam around a huge and filthy, open-world city which isn’t just cool, but also gives you a fantastic tactical freedom in how you tackle each mission – there is no one right way to achieve your ends. Between tons of high-tech goodness and customization, there is an ever-present Syndicate feel to the game with one unquestionable improvement – freedom, freedom is in the musty air.

For more Satellite Reign goodness, you can also pick up the Original Soundtrack, Art Book, and a prequel Novella!

Return to the Syndicate, in spirit, with Satellite Reign, available now – DRM-free on The launch promo will last until Friday, September 4, 13:59 PM GMT.

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