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60% off all Interplay treasures: Freespace 2, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Sacrifice, Toonstruck, and more!

What’s your usual mood while gaming? Do you feel relaxed? Focused? Determined? Accomplished even? In the little poll that we run, 22% replied that it depends on the game, and 13% on whatever real-life issues they are escaping from. The remaining 65% couldn’t be bothered to interrupt their session for an answer. But all of them agreed that when going through the list of this Weekend Promo, they feel extremely Interplay-full. Especially after noticing the 60% discount on everything Interplay!

Widely regarded as one of the most engrossing and wonderfully chaotic space combat simulators in our star system, Freespace 2 has become part of the constellation of unmissable classics.

If you are looking for a hilarious, challenging, and gorgeous adventure to fill a weekend or four, you are looking to be Toonstruck. And once your body gets accustomed to surviving high anvil drops and cutifying beams, you’ll fit right in. Balloooooon?

A unique blend of strategy and action, enhanced by an engaging plot and distinct art style. To experience it you only need to Sacrifice some of your free time and you can be certain that the gods will compensate you handsomely for that.

Are you feeling Interplay-full too? Well it’s hard not to, when 30+ of gaming’s shiniest diamonds go for 60% off, including Earthworm Jim 1+2, MDK, Storekeep, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, and many more. The promo will last until April 26, 3:59 AM UTC.

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