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Planning. Planting. Planeting.

Planetbase, a city-building/management game simulating life on different planets, is available now, DRM-free on with a 30% launch discount.

Humanity has always gazed at the stars, wondering what might stand on their surface. Well, the answer is simple: whatever you put there!
Get your space settlers to work, gathering energy, looking for water, growing food, or even building help-bots. These are harsh environments they’ll find themselves in, full of hazards and terrible catastrophes that might strike unannounced. That’s why each member of the community must have its role, each building’s location must follow the settlement’s plan, each resource must be used wisely. Soon, your outpost might become a prosperous place that will attract more settlers from afar. As long as you plan ahead and know how to protect them from meteor showers or electric storms, they shan’t regret it.

Carve a new life for your space-settlers and help them make a home out of their Planetbase, DRM-free on
The 30% discount will last for the duration of the Summer Sale.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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