Release: Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament

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Of colliding destinies and destinations.

Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament, the stand-alone campaign that expands the story and lore of the acclaimed sci-fi RTS, is available now DRM-free on with a 66% launch discount.

The intended destination of our species has always been one of the most ambiguous, intriguing premises for endless discussions around the campfire, through uneventful sleepovers, and during police stakeouts. But even if a final destination were to present itself, would we march towards it in unity or drown our noble quest in strife and endless bloodshed?

Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament is a stand-alone campaign that continues the thought-provoking story of the celebrated RTS, where three factions battle each other in the name of salvation. The journey towards the New Earth is once again interrupted by civil war when the Emperor unleashes a Mechanical Messiah. With its guidance, he hopes to overpower both the Spirits, who believe that deliverance awaits beyond the Chain of Worlds, and the Harkback, who propose a U-turn towards the old Earth. The terraforming mechanics and the fast-paced RTS action are once again at the heart of the gameplay, with new special buildings and units entering the fray. Can humanity survive to fight another day? And if so, which part of it?

Join humanity’s self-destructive search for a new home within the Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament, available now, DRM-free on The 66% launch discount will last until February 18, 1:59 PM GMT.

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