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Prayers could not help. Science could not help. Can you?

Pathologic Classic HD, the glorious return of a cult classic, is available for pre-order DRM-free on If you own the original release, you can get a whopping 70% off the HD release until the end of times.

To take advantage of the -70% deal, simply locate your discount code alongside the original Pathologic on your game shelf.

Pathologic is a psychological first-person survival game, a unique, unforgettable experience. You arrive at a peculiar, desolate town ravaged by an unstoppable plague – a peculiar place to begin with – from this point on you’re free to traverse the open world and put all the pieces together. But if there’s one thing to say about Pathologic, is that it was the ultimate bittersweet experience. For all its disturbing atmosphere, open world survival, and uniqueness – technical issues and a budget translation stood between the title and mainstream fame.

Now, Pathologic Classic HD is here with the cure. A completely new, in-house English script promises a worthy experience, while revamped visuals, new voiceovers, and more content breathe a new life into the incredible cult-classic. If you ever considered picking up this title, now’s the time to finally enter the world of Pathologic.

A diseased reality awaits in Pathologic Classic HD today, DRM-free on – all owners of the original Pathologic game on can pick up the new release with permanent 70% discount.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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