Release: Panzer Corps & Field of Glory II & Order of Battle: World War II

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Panzer Corps, Field of Glory II and Order of Battle: World War II are now available DRM-free on, up to -90% until May 23, 2pm UTC. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Slitherine games on sale, up to -75% until May 21, 10pm UTC.

Perhaps you hadn’t planned for all this strategy to hit you all at once, but that’s a general’s best quality: adaptiveness!
Panzer Corps is a tactician’s paradise set in the hellscape of World War II. Hundreds of unit types, 26 scenarios, multiplayer modes, and plenty of extra content in the game’s DLC packs.
Field of Glory II takes you back to the Rise of Rome era. Dozens of nations, historical campaigns, and turn-based gameplay that expertly captures the tabletop experience as you fight with or against the Roman empire. Make sure to also check out the Legions of Triumphant and Immortal Fire DLC.
Order of Battle: World War II makes for a hex-based, modular experience: grab the base version which includes the Boot Camp tutorial campaign and U.S. Pacific. Then get the rest of them campaigns separately in the game’s DLC packs, like Blitzkrieg, Morning Sun, Panzerkrieg and more.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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