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Not a Hero a full-throttle 2¼D shooter for Windows, is available now DRM-free on

Not a Hero is a 2¼D cover-based shooter from the guys and gals behind the quick and precise OlliOlli. Backstory? An anthropomorphic rabbit/mayoral candidate from the future, BunnyLord, needs a gun with dubious skills and zero sense of self preservation. That’s you. Run, duck, slide, and flow into the next all out, full-throttle, clip-emptying mess. Choose from a roster of badasses each with their unique play style and weapons, each uniquely capable of completing the dynamically changing missions that await. The game takes advantage of a powerful, 25-years in the making, ISO-Slant™ technology to bring 2D pixel-art into an inimitable 2¼D perspective. Visit to learn more!

You can also pick up the Not a Hero: Global MegaLord Edition, which includes a digital artbook, a full color digital comic, exclusive Making Of documentary, desktop backgrounds, Windows sounds (yeah), and the digital soundtrack. If you get the standard edition and ever change your mind, you can always get the upgrade later!

Follow BunnyLord, your one true leader in Not a Hero right now, DRM-free on!

MegapiemanPHD will vote BunnyLord, praise BunnyLord, and kill for BunnyLord this Friday, May 15th.
The stream goes live at 4pm GMT / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT

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