Release: Niko: Through the Dream

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Niko, when less is more.

Niko: Through the Dream, a minimalist first person puzzler, is available now for for Windows with a 10% discount, DRM-free on

Niko: Through the Dream is a little bit of a lot. It’s the mystique of Myst mixed with the lonely, minimalist allure of Journey. All set in an improbable universe that covers an ancient take on the bleached city scapes of Mirror’s Edge, painterly fields of green, and surrealist structures that should not be possible. The game is half about exploration and half about puzzle solving. As Niko, you’ll travel across islands of memory, each a salvageable remains of powerful experiences from your past – your father’s embrace, a childhood loss – every one equal part puzzle and a story to be unraveled. Sounds, shapes, colors, abstract mechanisms and you, Niko. Dare to dream?

A surrealist painting comes to life in Niko: Through the Dream, available now, DRM-free on! The 10% launch discount will last for five days, until Wednesday, July 22, at 9:59 PM GMT.

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